Bekki Williams – Innersense


Released: 2005 By AD Music

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  1. A Breath Away [4:29]MP3 soundclip of A breath away [3:00]
  2. Secret Recesses of the Heart [6:01]
  3. Crystal (Dreams of Sea-Beams) [5:33]MP3 soundclip of Dreams of sea-beams [1:30]
  4. Subliminal Sensuality [5:22]
  5. Innersense [5:02]MP3 soundclip of Innersense [1:30]
  6. Under the Same Sky [2:34]
  7. Torn [6:48]
  8. Tears are Eternal [4:25]
  9. From the Ashes [6:10]
  10. Fading [3:27]

Poignant and emotive arrangements

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  1. Bekki Williams

    ‘Innersense’ was composed for (or rather, because of) someone who shall remain nameless. If he’s reading these sleevenotes, he’ll know exactly who he is. And that’s all that really matters.

    I wrote this album between November 2003 and March 2005, to help me deal with something that most of us have to deal with at one time or another – total heartbreak. I’m one of those creative types who expresses herself most effectively through music, and I began composing this because I very badly needed some kind of outlet for the emotional maelstrom that was raging relentlessly inside my head for much of that time. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the luxury of that outlet – because without it, I truly believe that I would have been struggling to retain my sanity. Not that I ever had much of that to begin with!
    During the sixteen months or so that it took me to compose ‘Innersense’, I think it’s possible that I ran the gauntlet of almost every painful emotion known to womankind. The result? The ten tracks you will hear on this album. Because these tracks are without a doubt the most personal I’ve ever written, and because for a disconcertingly long time it hurt me to even listen to several of them, I had originally decided that ‘Innersense’ wasn’t ever going to be released.
    But today, I’m a little more objective. It doesn’t hurt anymore, and believe me, that feels great. I honestly can’t tell you HOW great.I have to thank the young and talented artist, Jackie Wu (GeckoKid), for the amazing cover artwork. Simply entitled ‘I Give You My Heart’, it fits the theme of this album perfectly. In fact it captures the essence of the music so accurately it’s scary – it’s almost as though Jackie wandered into my mind and simply drew what he found there.
    I adored the concept right from the initial sketch he created, and as he worked on it further, I watched it grow into a striking and romantic portrayal of utterly pure and selfless love that I find truly awe-inspiring. Some have said that they find it disturbing or gory, but I don’t see it that way at all. I find it beautiful.

    For me, writing this album has been like taking a long, traumatic, but ultimately rewarding and healing journey. I hope you like it – because with ‘Innersense’, I quite literally give you my heart.

    2005. Bekki Williams

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