Bernd Kistenmacher – Compiled Dreams (only one copy)


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1-Heartbeat 18:45
2-Lost In Thoughts 06:14
3-Mindstudy I 12:47
4-Forget The Past 08:05
5-Shimmering Blue In An Artificial Sky 10:35
6-The Pleasure Of Live 10:45
Total Time: 67:40

This is not just a compilation, it is a short overview of the first 10 years, of the musical work by Bernd Kistenmacher.
So rare tracks are compiled here and can be heard for the first time.
For example the track for the KLEM 1989 CD is included, but also different varaitions of known titles.
A very good compilation, to get into the music of Bernd, that he did in his first 10 years.

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