Bernd Kistenmacher – Patterns of Light Best of


Released: 2012 By IC/Dlg It Music

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  1. The Beginning
  2. In Face Of Saturn
  3. The End Of The Record
  4. A Hand Softly Touching You
  5. The Memorial
  6. On The Shoulders Of Atlas
  7. Lost City
  8. Autumn Leaves

A great compilation of Bernd. With a unique track Autumn Leaves, a beautiful piece of music. LAST COPIES!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    There are compilations that are only simple compilations! And then there are others which form an interesting journey at the antipodes of a career which knew an important artistic bend. And Best of-Patterns of Light is part of those. This superb compilation of Bernd Kistenmacher’s works makes the auditor travelling between the both worlds that the synthesist and German composer has caressed for the greatest pleasure of our ears. From this universe to analog tones of the vintage years, strongly soaked by his Schulzian influences, to a more contemporary one, forged in great symphonic arrangements, Best of-Patterns of Light is a skeud which travels as much in the time as in the cosmos of Kistenmacher. A skillful mixture of two styles which in the end makes only a wonderful musical vein where the dream follows the patterns for a light that only Bernd Kistenmacher has the control over the switch.

    The Beginning” and “In Face of Saturn” form the superb intro of Celestial Movements. Here they start a compilation to hybrid flavor with somber synth layers which grow around the lamentations of a melancholic trumpet. The movement is symphonic and Vangelesque. It pours into “In Face of Saturn” and of its electronic percussions which row towards a tempo of which the curt movements are strummed under the aegis of a synth with splendid solos. This more contemporary vision of Bernd Kistenmacher shines with his symphonic arrangements while that “The End of the Record” and “A Hand Softly Touching You” bring us back to quite a different era. Pulled out of the Contrasts Vol I album

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