Bernd-Michael Land – Begegnungen


Released: 2023 By Bernd-Michael Land

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01- Das goldene Licht (7:59)
02- Ma yen wa (3:30)
03- Synchronismus (7:24)
04- Metall Art-E-Fakt (2:78)
05- Augen | Blick (6:55)
06- Polarisation (6:30)
07- Fragment (7:33)
08- Resonator (4:22)
09- Momentum (3:46)
10- Prisma (7:25)
11- Babylon (4:22)
12- Klang | Strukturen (7:12)
13- Fraktale (4:51)

The music is a combination of different soundscapes that combine to form meditative sound sculptures as a closed unit. Analogue, rhythmic sequences and artificially generated, unknown sounds from electronic synthesizers merge and morph with strange natural sounds, the so-called “field recordings”. Other sounds from surface and edge vibrators, such as symphonic orchestra gongs, singing bowls and other acoustic instruments, complement each other in a dynamic dialogue. The works of these three pillars of sound were developed in a transdisciplinary context. They stand in an intermedial relationship to each other and thereby combine to form a new hybrid reality in sound, space and time.

For the realization of this album analog synthesizers were used to a large extent, occasionally also digital machines in the form of hardware, but no virtual software sound generators from the computer. A computer connection via MIDI interface was deliberately avoided. All sound elements were recorded directly by hand and then recorded as an audio file. Although this is not a perfect way of working, which can occasionally lead to erroneous results, it has nevertheless been prioritized in favor of the “human touch” in the music. Music is communication and doesn’t have to be perfect.

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