Bernd-Michael Land – Das Lächeln der Bäume No. 5 Definitivum


Released: EKCD018 – Bernd-Michael Land

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01- Arkanum (7:23)
02- Synergie (6:21)
03- Ataraxie (6:36)
04- Eloquenz (5:28)
05- Hydrophil (9:04)
06- Otium (4:53)
07- Definitivum (8:13)
08- Nexus (7:48)
09- Kolorit (10:40)
10- Nemesis (3:15)
11- Apokalypse (3:28)

4-page booklet, cover card + 28-page booklet enclosed in a slipcase.
Part 5 is definitive and is the final thesis for the multi-award-winning project.
Bernd-Michael Land conjures up unheard sounds from his huge synthesizer park again. There are new pieces on the subject of “The Trees’ Smile”, which he performed in various locations from 2011-2016. From the sound installations in discrete 4-4-4 quadrophony, the tracks were remixed in stereo and that gives the music a very good spatial depth. This can now also be heard in the additional pieces of the 5th part. Here you can hear from experimental new sounds to melodically catchy tracks a very varied music, which is a worthy conclusion of the 5-part CD series.

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