Bernd-Michael Land – Die Mondlandung 50th Anniversary


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01- Mare Tranquilitatis (8:20)
02- Fly Bye Cephei (7:59)
03- Mare Nectaris (5:37)
04- Mare Nubium (8:33)
05- Sternenmensch (7:55)
06- Sinus Iridum (7:12)
07- Mare Crisium (3:40)
08- Oceanus Procellarum (13:09)
09- Mare Serenitatis (3:02)
10- Sinus Aestuum (3:12)
11- Mare Frigoris (4:58)

Several generations of musicians were inspired by the first moon landing. The event had, and continues to have, wide influences throughout the art and culture scene around the world. The album “The Moon Landing” is an elementary and personal music. It should also have a particular temporal relation to the instruments used. For many, the sounds produced on the electronic path, valuable antique synthesizers were used. The compositions often form musical structure parallels to the beginnings of synthesizer music from the 70s and thus stand in the tradition of Bernd-Michael Land’s own earlier works. The sound is ur-electronic and experimental. The well-known Apollo-11 radio messages and sounds from the NASA Sample Collection was deliberately omitted, which is up to others. Only music and sound should describe the experience of the moon landing. Supremely constructed step sequencers control the modular synthesizers. The rhythmic basic analogous patterns combine in an intermedial symbiosis with digital sound events, alienated field recordings and artifacts. Out of this transformation a new aesthetic illusion is formed. Electronic synthesizers and samplers are the most important medium for creativity and communication in all these creative processes. They represent the essential element in the production of music.

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