Bernd Scholl + Rüdiger Gleisberg – Culture + Spirit


Released: 2022

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The two internationally known Cosmopolitan musicians Bernd Scholl and Gleisberg deliver a “top class ambient album” with their latest work “Culture & Spirit” – Journey to the Land of Mystery II. Her highly regarded and popular album “Island Peak” was released eight years ago and was also used as the soundtrack in a number of documentaries. Now the two musicians are continuing their successful path and are visiting the “roof of the world” again musically. Bernd Scholl and Gleisberg also bring images, feelings, the culture and spirituality of Nepal and the Himalayas to life with their new sound creations.They enchant with varied compositions that contain mysterious voices and ethnic rhythms. The music on the album pours into the hearts of the listener like an everlasting stream, giving them strength, deep relaxation and meditation. With “Culture and Spirit” – Journey to the Land of Mystery ll – Bernd Scholl and Gleisberg again create a wonderful atmosphere and a unique listening experience in a class of their own, very sensitive and full of ideas.

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