Bertrand Loreau & Olivier Briand – Interferences


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  1. Interf�rences Part 1 [7:35]
  2. Interf�rences Part 2 [10:23]
  3. Interf�rences Part 3 [8:11]
  4. Interf�rences Part 4 [8:23]
  5. Interf�rences Part 5 [9:40]
  6. Interf�rences Part 6 [8:04]
  7. Interf�rences Part 7 [15:07]

Two great performers from France in a great musical work. Style is ofcoarse the Berlin school, played on a great collection of analog synthesizers.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Let’s imagine goblins doing ballet bare feet on an ice-cold pond. Imagine the end of their toes brush the ice-cold surface. Their movements are as soft than keen. By refusing to freeze their feet, they spin around with a stunning grace in interlaced movements. Here you have the attractive structure of the rhythms of Interfrences. It’s within a few days only that Bertrand Loreau and Olivier Briand took up the challenge to compose a music completely inspired of Berlin School and dedicated to their friends and collaborators of the French electronic movement Patch Work Music. Drawing deeply in the heart of their influences, which pass from Klaus Schulze to Tangerine Dream while passing by Tim Blake, the duet of Nantes affixes a unique musical signature to an album which distances itself so much by its structures rhythmic and morphic that by its musicality.

    We feel the perfect symbiosis between two musical universes of which parallelisms are intertwined indisputably as soon as begins Interfrences Part I”. The first lost chords which ring in the void are from Olivier Briand. If the movement of sequences which softly skip on a suave bass line is the privilege of the structures from both Briand and Loreau

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