Bessell, Dave – Black Horses Of The Sun


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  1. From Here To There [5:52]
  2. Theme One [7:00]
  3. Lament [5:46]
  4. Paradise Lost [9:10]
  5. Wasteland [6:02]
  6. Skyrim [7:14]
  7. Sleepwalker [9:13]
  8. Mirrors Edge [6:00]
  9. Fall From Grace [6:11]

One of the founding members of Node

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    WoW! I don’t know what our creators in electronic art have ate recently, but there is some great EM going on recently. The last Briand, Kistenmacher, Ayers and now this last Dave Bessell’s adventure. The name is familiar to you? Normal, it’s a member of Node and it’s also the music journeyman of the very dark Bakis Sirros, the man behind Parallel Worlds, with whom he co wrote the disturbing Morphogenic in 2012, an album produced by Ian Boddy and which was released on the DiN label. Node Parallel Worlds, Ian Boddy and DiN. You see the rundown? Although the most justifiable of our wishes would be that Black Horses of the Sun caresses these universes, hearing the opposite would be also very disappointing. And not, we shall not be disappointed! Navigating cheerfully on the paradigms of Node and surfing without hesitations on the somber nectars of Parallel Worlds, Dave Bessell signs here a solo album which will suffer from none complex vis-a- v is his two parallel projects.

    The first breaths, the first chords of From here to There” are so much near the ear that we turn the head to see where hides Dave Bessell. The lamentations of guitars float on lost chords whereas quite slowly the heavy veil of ambiences to thousand mysteries of Black Horses of the Sun digs its tunnel to join the safe of the theories of our hearing. The rhythm is ambient. It drags its majestic heaviness in the electric fogs of the reverberations which chew the slow impulses of a bass line of which the lazy curvatures float among the absent riffs of a six-strings and in the mists of a synth and of its Mellotron fragrances. The guitar of Bessell is coupling with grace at the groans of a synth whose vampiric waves inhale the ambient dramas of Martenot

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