Betzler & Brueckner – Triplet

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Released: 2016 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. The Trip [18:04]
  2. Trilogy [16:29]
  3. Doublette [22:38]
  4. (Three) To The Flame Of Life [19:14]

This is a brilliant release of one of EM’s leading drummers and a great musician Thomas Brueckner.

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1 review for Betzler & Brueckner – Triplet

  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    The 1st thing which strikes the ear is the very smothered atmosphere which surrounds Triplet! A little as if the band of Michael Brckner and Tommy Betzler was in the next room! For the rest, this last sound madness of Brckner & Betzler brings us to the same hallucinogenic borders as Two, realized some 12 months earlier. Its within the framework of the show offered at the E-Live festival of Oirschot, in the Netherlands in October 2016, that the roots of Triplet began to evolve. Or a few weeks before while the duet, which becomes finally a group of 4 musicians with the addition of Sammy David, which is clearly more present here, and of Fryderyk Jona, superb on the Moog Voyager, has developed the long sound textures on the basis of the improvisation for this concert.

    The first seconds of The Trip” are flooded by an avalanche of synth lines which flit around such as long trails of buzzing bubbles. A dramatic effect falls. It is follo wed by a piano

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