Beyond Berlin – Fine Tunes

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Released: 2017 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Primum
  2. Andra
  3. Tercera

Beyond Berlin is among the best of the Berlin School adapts in the Netherlands. Pure brilliance

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  1. Sylvain Lupari /

    We lost Beyond Berlin on the EM map since that the album Music for Cosmic Nights appeared shyly under the radars in 2013. Nevertheless, this album was warmly applauded by the critics as being an excellent surprise. More than 3 years later, and some 3 solo albums farther from Rene de Bakker and 1 from Martin Peters, the Dutch duet comes to visit us again shyly, this time on the Groove label, dazzling again our ears with a very good ode to Berlin School. Fine Tunes is a pretty solid album. A big album of EM as several of you love. There is rhythm. As big than intense. There are ambiences. Ambiences which search for the cracks on the ground from where leak out these chthonian choirs or these luciferian effects while the melodies tinkle in a surprising fragility for an album so heavy. Sat on 3 titles with very distinct dimensions, Fine Tunes is this kind of thing of which the only flaw is about time. There is too much on one title and not en o ugh on the 2 other ones…

    A plethora of electronic noises, some even disturbing ones, make the line in order to be identified. They form the introduction in two times of Primum”. Because if the noises abound and are strong

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