Bjorn Lynne – Revive


Released: 2000 By Cyclops

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  1. 12th Warrior [6:10]MP3 soundclip of 12th warrior [6:12]
  2. Bridge to the Universe, part 1 [4:37]
  3. Himalayan Summit (Hightop) [7:04]
  4. Empty Spaces [2:57]
  5. Moongazer [6:58]
  6. Space Deliria 2000 [7:46]MP3 soundclip of Space deliria 2000 [7:48]
  7. Niagara [5:09]
  8. Empty Spaces 2 [2:42]
  9. Cosmos [11:01]
  10. Session [6:23]
  11. Bridge to the Universe, part 2 [6:42]
  12. Bonus track: Union City Conspiracy [4:35]

New studio remixes of his greatest hits and new music

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  1. © Edgar Kogler / Amazing Sounds

    Bjorn Lynne has always followed his own artistic path, ignoring the ephemeral commercial fads. Once again he shows his talent with an album brimming with emotions, composed of new versions of old pieces of his. Basically it can be labelled within the mostelectronic trends of Instrumental Progressive Rock, and his music also displays elements of New Instrumental Music, as well as a strong cosmic orientation. The talent of this artist is not only obvious in the composition of the music, but also in the rich orchestration, the careful selection of sounds and even the mixing. Definitely, a luxurious album in the already intrinsically brilliant career of this composer.

    2000. © Edgar Kogler / Amazing Sounds

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