Bluetech – Liquid Geometries


Released: 2018 By DiN Records

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  1. Bardo Waves [6:42]
  2. Vessels [7:34]
  3. Helix [5:18]
  4. Crystalline Forms [6:22]
  5. Subterranea [5:18]
  6. Dawn Ascent [7:17]
  7. Tranquility Gate [7:53]
  8. Resonating Heart [5:42]
  9. Underground Lakes [6:10]

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1 review for Bluetech – Liquid Geometries

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Always on the lookout for new talent that shakes the foundations of a sometimes too quiet EM, the DiN label excels in the art of pulling a rabbit out of its many hat! Either with a finely tuned or totally daring compilation or yet by the discovery of a prolific artist hidden in his studios, the boundaries of DiN flirt with the unimaginable. And sometimes it gives very nice discoveries, like this splendid The Secret Society by Lyonel Bauchet or the suave Music by Mirrors from Mazmoneth. And this time, Ian Boddy introduces us to the world of Bluetech that we discovered on the brilliant compilation Elements and Particles and whose piece Magnetic Lullaby has make vibrated the sensitive strings of my senses. Evan Bartholomew has a good track record with several Psybient-style albums and musical productions for video games and other audio-visual platforms that make him a busy artist who doesn’t hesitate a second to get out of his comfort zone. A t r ue master in the music industry created and played with Modular synths, Bluetech offers in Liquid Geometries a magical album for sound lovers and to those who are always in a quest of a daring EM very enjoyable to listen.

    From the first breath of Bardo Waves”

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