Brendan Pollard – Expansion


Released: 2005 By Rogue Element

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  1. Tegula [19:08]MP3 soundclip of Tegula [3:22]
  2. Toxic Blue [24:53]
  3. Nebulous [7:05]MP3 soundclip of Nebulous [1:30]
  4. Valve [7:10]
  5. Aquarius [2:29]MP3 soundclip of Aquarius [1:09]

Analog sequencing

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9 reviews for Brendan Pollard – Expansion

  1. Martin Dimmock / UK

    A few words come to mind when I play this album, Magnificent, exceptional and a real shot in the arm for 70’s synthesized music.
    Well done Brendan,and in fact the promo disc is even better if this is possible.
    2005. Gerry Quirke / England

    After listening 3-4 times I can say, that the whole CD is a very good work from Brendan.
    It is varied. In my opinion the best track is TEGULA, followed by TOXIC BLUE.
    (On the promo disc THE BEAST SINGS.. is also remarkable).
    I listened to some other electronic music CDs in the last weeks. But this was the best, definitive!
    2005. Helmut Paul / Germany

    If you like your TD 70’s rather than the aural wallpaper they now put out, then buy this album. Basically does exactly what it says on the tin – takes Rogue Element‘s Premonition and expands it into a far more musically accomplished whole.
    Worth it for Valve alone (although I would have liked to have seen another 10 minutes on this track) but Tegula and in particular Toxic Blue challenge the listener more and are ultimately more satisfying with the waves of mellotron sound and well crafted sequencer developments reminiscent of Phaedra and Rubycon.
    If you only buy one EM CD in the next 12 months then make it this one.

    2005. Martin Dimmock / UK

  2. Michael Preston / US

    Great combination of sounds, tons of mellotron going on especially choirs. Great sequencing, im my opinion a step above Premonition, keep in mind still a great one though.

    2005. Michael Preston / US

  3. Animal Leader / UK

    I recieved the Expansion CD today, and have listened twice to them already. What can I say, but wow!! This is reliving the 70’s all over again, TD resurrected once more. Brendan delivers the goods right on target and literaly blows away all the competition who try and imitate or do poor copies of TD, like all that rubbish mentioned at the top: Astrogator et al. RMI and FSP do not even have a look-in as far as this CD is concerned. You want the real-deal in EM then buy this, it’s money well spent and it will be jewel in your collection for many years to enjoy. So Mr. Pollard hurry up with your next CD, my cash is waiting.
    I forgot to mention – Loads of sequences, Mellotrons and more mellotrons what more could you possibly want/ask for.

    2005. Animal Leader / UK

  4. Art Howe / USA

    Expansion by Brendan Pollard, one half of the band Rogue Elements has gone one step beyond their Premonition cd. Expansion is a 5 track cd with a playing time of 60:55.

    It starts with the track Tegula. This is a quiet tranquil opening which leads into one of many mellotron male choir loops. Tegula is an excellant lead into track 2, Toxic Blue.
    Toxic Blue alone is well worth the price of this cd. It starts out with some modulated sound effects eventually joined by a flute with some interesting effects layered underneath. At the 3:00 mark one of the best mellotron male choir loops I’ve ever heard enters. This spine chilling but yet heavenly sound plays on for the better part of 4 minutes. At this point some strings, a flute and a very subtle male choir with some background winds carry you off on to the rest of your journey. Multiple sequences are mixed in with an assortment of tron oboes,violins and flutes. A strong 9/10 minutes of this, then finalized with a male choir tron exit.
    Track 3 Nebulous has 7 minutes of a 70’s Tangerine Dream sound but mixed in with Brendan’s 2005 insight for his own personal sound.
    Track 4 Valve,again around the 7 minute mark is full of layered sequences and even more from the mellotron.
    Track 5 is titled Aquarius and is a fitting end to 60 minutes of wonderful music. Brendan has taken the mellotron and has tamed it into this collection of musical insight here.
    For those of you lucky enough to have the demo copy, there are 2 bonus tracks included.

    This cd is intended to be listened to using a high quality pair of headphones for maximum listening enjoyment.

    2005. Art Howe / USA

  5. Tim Walburg / USA

    I’ve just discovered Brendan Pollard and Rogue Element. I am totally hooked. I will be reviewing ‘Premonition’ after this so I’ll try not to overlap opinions. The music in ‘Expansion’ is a lot like the early 70’s Tangerine Dream. Think ‘Phaedra’ and ‘Rubycon’. There are long, flowing spacy sounding parts interspersed with more melodic(?) driving synth beats. I’m sorry I’m not more musical so I can say what instrument is playing. I think it may be the Mellotron that has a more driving, percussive sound.
    I’ve listened to this a number of times and enjoy it… but not quite as much as ‘Premonition’.
    Thanks Brendan, for bringing back the Tangerine Dream I love!

    2005. Tim Walburg / USA

  6. Tobias Fischer / Germany

    As one half of UK-based outfit Rogue Element, Brendan Pollard is busy reinvigorating the music of early electronic music bands like Tangerine Dream and artists such as Klaus Schulze.
    While their first album Premonition”

  7. Ken Mitchell / London

    Synth cd of 2005 by a country mile and proof positive that retro analogue synth still has a lot left to offer.Expansion is a seductive grower of a cd.The long tracks fly by because they are so enjoyable, the short tracks are frustrating because they are short! You just want to hear more and more.Keep up the fantastic work Mr Pollard!

    2006. Ken Mitchell / London

  8. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

    Brendan uses lots of classic instruments to craft EM compositions of monumental proportions.

    Take the opening track (Tegula”) from Expansion as an example. Spacey effects give way to multi-tracked Mellotron choirs. This is some subtle and at the same time epic stuff

  9. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2005 offers 61 minutes of enticing electronic music.
    Joining synthesist Pollard on one track is Adrian Dolente playing additional electronics.

    Dreamy electronics abound here, with pensive celestial textures punctuated by spacey effects that serve to coax the atmospherics into evolving from gestating harmonics into melodic substantiality. Waves of unearthly sound crest and coalesce into pastiches of divine disposition. Gradually, keyboard rhythms creep out of the seething mix to prance and cavort with expressive jubilation. Deep bass tones establish a riff that goads everything into tasty activation.A mixture of idiosyncratic tonalities serve to flesh out the musics sound. Fanciful notes pitter away with jovial emphasis. Heavenly choral waves bask in an ascending tide of looping riffs that persist in entwining to produce lavish melodies. Pools of bubbling diodes spawn glittering passages of astral genesis that blossom into mature moods of ethereal puissance.
    A rhythmic presence lurks in the liquid mix. E-perc generates a mercurial propulsion with surging tempos, while cyclic keyboard chords provide auxiliary rhythms of a sparkling and engaging nature.Theres a constant sense of growth going on in this music. Things are always expanding, evolving, mutating into prosperous new levels of electronic delight.

    These compositions combine slow-building structure with dynamic pinnacles of bewitching appeal. Harmonic flows faithfully accrete essence, building to momentous arrangements that bristle with lively riffs and gregarious rhythms. The results are satisfying and thrilling.

    2008. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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