Brendan Pollard – The Zone of Malleable Fears


Released: 2023 By Rogue Element

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Levada – The Traveller – 3:39
Probe – 2:22
Institute of Shift and validation – 8:56
The zone of Lelleable fears – 3:31
voids of intution – 3:01
Steel blue sphere – 3:33
Sol 173 – 3:10
Venture into the Circles – 9:41
Ocean of time – 3:25
The Cavern of extractions and utilities – 2:58
Scanner rate – 6:35
Burning sun – 3:29
Defection Mode – 6:45
Arrival of the arc of vermilion – 5:17

The Zone of Malleable Fears is based on a storyboard of ideas that he created many years before and I wanted to musically interpret those visions.
The resulting compositions have the feel and structure of a soundtrack with short ambient interludes and sequencer based pieces that encompass repetitive themes and sounds that represent apspects with in the story board.

Berlin school just doesn’t get anu better then when Brendan Pollard fires up his machines.
Brilliant sounds and sequences!

Expected 1/2 week of May.

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