Brian Eno – Nerve net


Released: 1992 By All Saints Records

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  1. Fractal Zoom [6:24]
  2. Wire Shock [5:27]
  3. What Actually Happened? [4:41]
  4. Pierre In Mist [3:47]
  5. My Squelchy Life [4:02]
  6. Juju Space Jazz [4:26]
  7. The Roil, The Choke [5:00]
  8. Ali Click [4:13]
  9. Distributed Being [6:10]
  10. Web [6:21]MP3 soundclip of Web [3:00]
  11. Web Lascaux mix) [9:44]


  12. Decentre [3:26]
  13. Fractal Zoom (Separate Time Edit) [4:14]
  14. Ali Click (Doo Gap Mix) [4:43]

Set of ambient works and silent gestures

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  1. Victor Philip” Parau”

    The comeback” of Brian Eno (putting the word between special commas because three years of silence dont really mean a comeback) with another set of ambient works and silent gestures of music seems now like a pseudo-impression. A proof that changes in style and concept has been made is less characterized by a “warm jet0-like” Wrong Way Up” or by the Squelchy Life” ambiguous effort

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