Bridge to Imla – One January Evening


Released: 2018 By 21st Century Music

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  1. The Bronze Bells of Imla [5:37]
  2. Variation on

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    The Radiant Sea album was one of my big favorites in 2017! Released at the end of the year, this first album by the duo Bridge to Imla was to be at the core of a concert played in late January 2018. And as the worlds of Michael Brckner and Hans-Dieter Schmidt are not made of compliance, the duo offers a recording of this show in a splendid double album soberly titled One January Evening. It’s a lot of music, and it will also be a lot of words from my pen, offered by Bridge to Imla with more than 45 minutes of this concert as well as a lot of bonus tracks and a solid Jam Session where Volker Lankow on percussions and Ralph Baumgartl on synthesizers add punch and depth to an album which gently sails between the tranquil waters of ambient music and the hungry territories for more lively music.

    Always flirting with the limits of mysticism, the music of One January Evening begins with these Tibetan bells whose tones cuddle the murmurs of Poseidon. Slow layers deploy their sonic wings and rise to take the paths of the opening of The Radiant Sea, in which Prologue: The Kuroshio Current becomes the pale ancestor of The Bronze Bells of Imla”. The hold of the sounds and the intensity of the ambiances are more accentuated here than in The Radiant Sea. “Variation on Raukumara Plain” adds beautiful solos to the original title. In fact

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