Byron Metcalf – Medicine Work


Released: 2013 By Dr. BAM’s Music

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  1. This Way
  2. A Deeper Descent
  3. Medicine Work
  4. Gates of Initiation
  5. Servants of the Mystery

With Rob Thomas on Didgeridoo

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2 reviews for Byron Metcalf – Medicine Work

  1. Richard Grtler / Bratislava, Slovakia

    An invitation to journey through ancient realms by two medicine men, productive Arizonian shamanic tribal trance drummer Byron Metcalf and virtuoso didgeridoo performer Rob Thomas, one half of the legendary Inlakesh project. Medicine Work” CD was released during June 2013 on Byron’s Dr. BAM’s Music. Yes

  2. Steve Roach

    MEDICINE WORK could have been created a thousand years ago, hidden from the world and used only for the highest degree of altering consciousness with instruments that have remained unchanged over the Eons; hand drums, rattles and didgeridoo. Thankfully for us, trance percussion alchemist Byron Metcalf and didgeridoo maven Rob Thomas (Inlakesh) are not hidden away in another era doing their medicine work for a forgotten tribe obscured by time. This recording puts the listener directly inside the experience though high resolution recording skills and searing performances aimed at one thing: blowing away all the residue of the day-to-day with these ancient tools, presented in almost 3D clarity and preservation of tone. Robs didgeridoo is presented in such detail that it feels cellular and the interlocking patterns of Byron’s percussion work invoke an involuntary trance state that just simply feels as if you never want it to stop and it will not once you hit play.

    2013. Steve Roach

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