BySenses – Frigments-Fragments


Released: 2014 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Frigments – Fragments
  2. Destination Unknown
  3. Quoi et Moi
  4. Where-ever However
  5. Beautiful Moments
  6. If you
  7. Slaap stil mijn kind
  8. Strawberries 4-ever
  9. OGF

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    It is known; each year, and no matter the domains, sees appearing a name which will leave a delicious sound imprint. BySenses is a musical project of the Belgian musician Didier Dewachtere. Aficionado of an EM which converges between several styles, from Jarre to Tangerine Dream while passing by Kraftwerk and Vangelis, Didier Dewachtere gives the kick-off to a career which sounds very interesting by inviting us in a unique, an audacious experience where the music, and its sounds, crosses the boundaries of another dimension. A psybient style which has difficulty in undoing its links off a more traditional EM, Frigments – Fragments is a first album which will call back the experiments between the rhythms and the psybiences such as put in music by BySenses‘ biggest source of inspiration; Klaus Schulze. On rhythms constantly fragmented and ambiences which refuse the doors of the serenity, BySenses raises a sonic high wall where the sounds vibrate and spit deformed shadows which shine in tones of cracklings.

    It is thus with an ambient but deafening humming, one would say a space shuttle giving birth, that the title-track gets through our two earlobes. Synth pads float behind a soundscape which little by little scatters its radioactive clouds to present Destination Unknown” to us. The heavy hummings lose a little of their wrath in filets of thin astral voices. The moods are always at the zenith of a strange emotionalism where the absolute black

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