Can Atilla – HI-Story

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Released: 2011 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. The kings and the beggars ( part one )MP3 soundclip of The kings and the beggars [3:00]
  2. Hi – story
  3. The flashbacks
  4. Sultan’s sequencerMP3 soundclip of Sultan`s sequencer [3:00]
  5. When Kafka drink orange juice
  6. Thives of Bagdad
  7. Shadow of the knights
  8. The kings and the beggars ( part two )
  9. Solar – is ……
  10. Nights of the rain prayers

Style: Tangerine Dream and Jarre

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    You dont know Can Atilla yet? So, heres a good way of remedying it. A great superstar in his country, Can Atilla is a solid Turkish composer and musician who is much at ease in works with symphonic character as in more accessible and electronic works. Strongly influenced by Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, Can Atilla built himself a legion of fans that impatiently wait for his electronic works on Groove. More than 6 years distance his last album appeared on Groove (Concorde) and Hi-Story, and Can Atilla didn’t change at all. Hi-Story is a solid opus of an EM strongly inspired by the 90s with rhythms and melodies weaved in the paths of albums such as Turns of the Tides, Tyranny of Beauty or still Revolutions and Chronology, but with a delicious tribal mixture.

    Sequences which pound and skip in a nest of pulsations a bit resonant, The Kings and the Beggars (Part One)” sets the tone to this Can Atilla album with a title which seems to come straight from Turn of the Tides’ sessions from the cult group of the Turkish musician. Nervous

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