Catalin Marin – First breath


Released: 1999 By AD Music

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  1. Opening – First BreathMP3 soundclip of First breath [3:00]
  2. Zulu Spirits Call
  3. Iceberg
  4. Synthetic History
  5. Nandana – Paradise of Indra
  6. Crossfaded Memories
  7. Treasures of the deep
  8. Postlude

Debut album with various styles

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2 reviews for Catalin Marin – First breath

  1. Oren Yechivi / Costa Rica

    The music of Catalin is really amazing, this release was in 1999, now is 2006 where is Catalin now, we are waiting too long for the second breath, is so incredible that Catalin take so many years to make a new album…I really hope he is making a new cd album…..if you never listen this album, check and listen this music is really great and different specially with headphones.

    2006. Oren Yechivi / Costa Rica

  2. Tony Catterson / FanzADfm

    The standard of forthcoming releases from AD Music Ltd is astonishing, as this album demonstrates! In addition to its terrific and polished production, the album is complemented by outstanding artwork and packaging.
    The music has that rare quality of being not only complex and imaginative compositionally, but inspired and captivating on the ear and the soul! There are echoes of Vangelis here, and some wonderful ethnic touches – but Catalins music has a unique style and character all of its own, so any similarity to the ‘Great Greek’ are purely superficial and is mentioned only as a point of reference.
    Listening to Catalin’s music is like being carried away on summer winds to far off lands – from the dusty plains of Africa on Zulu Spirits Call”

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