Christian Richet – Life is but a dream

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Released: 2022 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Space Blues – 4:48
  2. Sansucy – 8:25
  3. Apache – 5:59
  4. Vrilloum – 8:04
  5. The House of my Dreams – 28:11

Christian Richet’s first co-operation with Groove, and what a cool album this is.
This is a very personal release for Christian, he named it his most personal work to date.
And with the great set of analog synths it creates a music that looks back in time but als to the future.

I play a lot of “legendary” DX 7/ D 50/ P600 /PPG Wave 2/ Moog Source and also M3R Korg/ X3 Korg synths and more and more virtual synths (Halion, Absynth 5, FM 8, Kontakt.. .) with thousands of sounds available but the problem is to find the one that corresponds to the piece created… For ” Life is but a dream ” I often start like for my other CDs with a short piece that catches the eye rather than starting by an atmosphere that takes time and if ever the CD is listened to, the listener must be quickly captivated. Then a sequenced and positive track “Sansucy” (and a pun in French “sans souci” “without worry”!…) will be followed by “Apache” with precisely its Indian side and a more difficult track”Vrilloum” with a noisy side and cuts which I like to do on certain songs rather than leaving all the time on repetitive loops) . The centerpiece of the CD is “The house of my dreams”(the absolute opposite of Vrilloum!), the inspiration for which came to me with a sound(on the fabulous D 50 !) found by chance that reminded me of a person who was sleeping…and it was gone for almost 30 minutes… Good listening and have sweet dreams!?…

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