Code Indigo – Take the Money + Run


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  1. Eden to Corruption [10:35]
  2. Call of the Earth (Ambient Mix) [5:58]
  3. Return to Gaia [7:28]
  4. Ashes and Snow [13:53]
  5. A Question of Answers [11:34]
  6. Memory Code I [7:30]
  7. Memory Code II [3:21]
  8. Memory Code III [3:07]
  9. Memory Code IV [6:12]
  10. Memory Code V [5:24]
  11. Memory Code VI [3:49]

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    It’s over! Take the Money & Run is the swan song of one of the rare groups of musicians who mix deliciously their EM in the harmonious caresses of New Age, in the dreamlike structures of the English progressive music and in the heavy and devastating rhythms of the England School style. It’s a delicious mix which has seduced thousands of ears since the very first Code Indigo album released in 1996; For Whom the Bell. More than 15 years later and 9 albums farther, Code Indigo loops the loop with a last album which makes a lap and revisits some of the big works of a committed band whose very esthetic music always denounced the excesses and injustices of our modern world. Except that Take the Money & Run is not a compilation album. Behind a concept approach very near MELTdown, David Wright and Nigel Turner-Heffer have revisited and retouched some of the big tracks from the Code Indigo catalog. Music pieces mislaid in compilations (E-Day 2010), in sessions (MELTdown) and remixes of tracks which became immortal of the England band.

    A line of sequences, full of keys which gurgle in the noises of machineries, goes round in circles and looks for its rhythmic aim in the reflections of synth streaks to the metallic rustlings. Like a dance of lost steps walking round and round in a disused factory, Eden to Corruption” leads us into the universe to thousand paradoxes of Code Indigo. Between a heavy and aggressive rhythm

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