Colin Rayment – Abstract Dimensions


Released: 2015 By Syngate Records

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1. Skyward Euphoria – 08:21
2. Mortal Angels Descend In Erebos – 12:18
3. Monterosa In The Clouds – 07:34
4. Nautical Almanac – 08:45
5. Dreaming Of The Empirical Journey – 08:46
6. Navigation Of A Helix – 16:26
7. The Sadness Of Tales – 06:46

The latest album of Colin Rayment could be tagged as cinematic electronic music – with a focus on electronic analogue synths and many melodic effects.

A small rationale and the inspiration behind Abstract Dimensions…
Whatever we do or whatever we create, there is always another angle or perspective with which to view something. Be it a still image, moving image, or indeed sound.
How would slowing down and modifying some moving footage in some way affect a musical composition, when the piece had been originally made specifically for it?
If you were to create an abstract image from a recognisable picture, or structure and compose music specifically for that abstract image, the music would most probably have a very different sound and feel.

This is where my experimental musical journey began. Skyward Euphoria (track 1), takes its name from some footage created on a journey through northern France. The majority of footage having been taken simply from inside a moving car. This became the main inspiration for the track. The footage was slowed down, as the viewer witnesses the ever changing sky and slowly passing bridges along a French Autoroute.
Abstract Dimensions is a personal ‘journey’, deriving its musical inspiration from some abstract thinking, while reflecting some of the positive feelings in life, along with some of the more melancholy.

Colin Rayment 2015

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