Colin Rayment – Time Dilation


Released: 2023 By Syngate Records

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1.-  Fast Forward Chronograph 11:52
2. – Accelerometer 07:21
3. – Transitional Dimensions 10:24
4. – Snapshot in Time 05:34
5. – Glimpse into a Future 12:32
6. – Time Stands Still 11:33

Time dilation

Theoretically, time dilation would make it possible for passengers in a fast-moving vehicle to advance further into the future in a short period of their own time. For sufficiently high speeds, the effect is dramatic. For example, one year of travel might correspond to ten years on Earth.

In time dilation, time moves slower for an observer who is in motion relative to another observer. To a stationary observer, a moving clock will tick slower than the one the observer is holding. The concept of the time dilation effect comes from Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Would you want to look ahead? And if you could, what would you do about what you see…
released September 9, 2023

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