Colisseum – Alexynth Project + Perceptual Defense – Adventus


Released: 2018 By Unknown

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  1. Voices From The Tyrrhenian Sea [9:36]
  2. Dances Along The River [8:28]
  3. Forum [6:32]
  4. Aeterno Convivium [4:28]
  5. A.D. LXXII [8:19]
  6. Fasti Triumphales [9:48]
  7. In Seventh Heaven [5:10]
  8. Tribute To The Roman Ancestors [8:03]

Some good sequencing here!

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1 review for Colisseum – Alexynth Project + Perceptual Defense – Adventus

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    This is what I call an excellent surprise. I would say even more; a brilliant album quite unexpected for those who know the ambient theatrical style of Gabriele Quirici, aka Perceptual Defence, , who this time team up with another Italian musician, Alessandro Ghera, aka Alexynth Project, a musician very at ease in his Electronica signature. Thus, Adventus marks the birth of a new duo of Italian synthesists who pulls out an electro-ambient style from their analog as well as digital equipment. The main idea behind Colisseum is to offer an EM inspired by the roots of the old city of Rome. And if the genre is melting Tangerine Dream elements from the 70’s to progressive Italian music with a slight hint of Electronica, the goal reaches us straight in the ears with a quite unexpected freshness.

    Winds of tones and breezes of voices encircle our ears at the opening of Voices from the Tyrrhenian Sea”. The stereo effect is almost authentic

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