Concept Devices – Conceptus Fabrica

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Released: 2019 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Templar Knight – [18:07]
  2. A Touch of Velvet – [3:37]
  3. The Trail – [10:15]
  4. All Seeing Eye – [9:09]
  5. The Chinon Parchment – [7:28]
  6. Knights Keep – [24:04]

Different but familiar, this is a very cool release with strong rythmic tracks and it will be a release that you will paly and play over years to come.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / Synth&

    This one won’t be easy! Concept Devices is the project of Martyn Greenwood, a trained bassist who has become an addict to analog synthesizers. He is also one of those underground musicians, on the dark side of the EM, who is like a little fish in his ocean when he is in an improvisation session. CONCEPTUS FABRICA is a second opus for this English musician who also offers on his site Bandcamp a series of EP recorded during these multiple improvised sonic expeditions. And this time it’s serious! Produced and distributed by the Groove label, we are not here in the realm of the Berlin School, except on a few occasions, but rather on the dark side of the EM.

    Small hesitant riffs succeed each other in a jolted line, while the keyboard extends more musical chords. It’s with a pleasant melody that Templar Knight” infiltrates our ears. The riffs always try to stretch their pres ences and the disorder settles with a swarm of effects and keys which roll and wrap together in a setting where an organ blows hot and cold. Experimentation or melody! It’s rather a hypnotic movement of the sequencer that surfaces with a jumping structure which makes roll its oscillations with more fluidity than many elements in the scenery. The experimental ambiences fade to reborn in other forms of tones

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