Conrad Schnitzler – Blau


Released: 2012 By Bureau Bus

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  1. Die Rebellen Haben Sich In Den Bergen Versteckt [18:48]MP3 soundclip of Die Rebellen [3:00]
  2. Jupiter [19:32]

    Bonus tracks:

  3. Blau 1 [4:27]
  4. Blau 2 [4:31]
  5. Blau 3 [3:27]
  6. Blau 4 [2:57]
  7. Blau 5 [2:44]
  8. Blau 6 [4:13]

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  1. &copy Jeff Gibson

    Blips and bleeps and clicks and cuts are still surviving on the streets, look at me, I’m in tatters — but as these seminal electronic soundscapes sound contemporary today, I imagine they must have been unfathomably advanced-sounding when originally released in 1974. Blau (Blue) represents the final piece in Schnitzler’s landmark private-press (ltd. to 500) ‘color’ trilogy begun in 1971 with Schwarz (Black aka Eruption) and resumed with Rot (Red) in 1973. One of Krautrock’s most creative, prolific, yet restless souls, Schnitzler (at that time recently a student of Joseph Beuys) founded Tangerine Dream in 1968 with Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze. Following their debut masterpiece, Electronic Meditation, he departed to form Kluster (later Cluster) with Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius. After recording three albums in 1971 (Klopfzeichen, Zwei-Osterei, and Schwarz), Schnitzler went solo for good. After years of only hearing about Blau, is already my favorite Schnitzler work and one the most innovative and challenging albums of its era, possessing both compositional complexity and an intricate rhythmic sophistication. Too aggressive in its way to becategorized as ambient, Blau visits that special juncture where psychedelics and electronics converge. Spaceman 1? Originally two side-long tracks, the reissue adds another remarkable 22-minutepiece (mysteriously indexed as 5 tracks!) recorded around the same time. Highest recommendation!

    2002. &copy Jeff Gibson

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