Conrad Schnitzler – Minced valves


Released: 2010 By Victor J. Rek

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  1. Pra [4:15]
  2. Cyr [4:08]MP3 soundclip of Cyr [0:30]
  3. Tri [4:40]
  4. Mod [9:22]
  5. Cyc [8:22]MP3 soundclip of Cyc [0:30]
  6. Hip [1:21]
  7. Lyr [6:11]
  8. Red [10:03]MP3 soundclip of Red [0:30]
  9. PCT [12:12]

With Steve Schroyer and Patrick Fresbek. Lost tapes from 1977

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1 review for Conrad Schnitzler – Minced valves

  1. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2010 offers 60 minutes of primordial electronic music recorded in 1977.

    Four of these tracks are Schnitzler alone, and these exemplify his quirky style of electronics: blooping sounds that defy earthly description mixed with sharper punctuations–blips that serve as faux beats. While possessing traces of a flowing nature, the music tends to be eccentric with elusive melodic definition. Swishing oscillations generate an ethereal foundation which functions as a backdrop for electronic weirdness.
    The rest of the pieces are collaborations by the three performers. These display a looser structure with airy tonalities establishing a milieu of haunting clouds that are seasoned with piercing pitches that course through the eerie vapors like rogue laser beams penetrating a murky cellar. A sense of psychedelic dreaminess is conjured and maintained as the tunes pursue their sedate paths. While possessing a basic melodic character, the songs create a moody presence that combines spectral atmospheres with a cosmic environment, more like ambience with a toothy undercurrent.
    A few pieces employ rhythmics in the form of synthesized sounds harnessed to approximate tempos. A variety of these beat tracks blend with each other to establish a bouncy feeling that is then tempered by the emergence of pleasant squeals which serve to contribute a lilting embellishment to the synthetic percussive nucleus.

    During the Seventies synthesizers tended to be cumbersome apparatus requiring extreme presetting to achieve coherent sounds. Thus this music exhibits a primordial demeanor that evokes an extinct flavor that is altogether mesmerizing for electronic aficionados, a glimpse into bygone days that is remarkably entertaining for the mastery shown by the musicians.

    2011. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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