Constance Demby – Spirit trance


Released: 2004 By Hearts of Space

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  1. Legend [6:51]MP3 soundclip of Legend [3:00]
  2. Cosmos [7:33]
  3. Paths to Prayer (World Religions) [8:04]
  4. Ave’s Trance (spirit trance mix of Ave Maria by Schubert) [5:41]
  5. Ocean of Life [6:13]
  6. Earth Tones [6:20]
  7. Into Her Center (spirit trance mix) [5:43]
  8. The Annointing (spirit trance mix) [9:51]

Style: Sanctum Sanctuorum

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4 reviews for Constance Demby – Spirit trance

  1. Jim Brenholts / Ambientvisions

    This is a masterful spiritual journey from one of the best of the genre… the first lady of e-music – the talented, legendary and beautiful Constance Demby… Indeed, the entire CD IS already a classic! These soundscapes and atmospheres are gentle and soft, exactly what listeners and meditators have come to expect, know and crave from Constance’s music.
    The music has strong holistic healing and psychoactive overtone properties. Those qualities set the disc apart from the madding throng. They also place Constance in the perpendicular universe – rare air, indeed!
    This marvelous CD belongs inevery serious meditator’s collection.
    It is an absolute must-have!

    2004. Jim Brenholts / Ambientvisions

  2. Blue Eagle Books

    Constance Demby is a pioneer in space music. Her album NOVUS MAGNIFICANT pretty much defined ambient musical styles in the late 80’s and remains a benchmark of the sub-genre to this day. It’s nice to know that almost two decades later, Demby still is making music that stands head and shoulders above the rest.
    SPIRIT TRANCE is a collection of film score excerpts (including the stirring theme from James Dean – An American Legend” and several quasi-spiritual compositions from “I Am”) and re-imagined pieces from her past repertoire.
    Each of these selections features an intricate array of space effects

  3. Chaiworks

    Constance Demby is a prophet who speaks to us not in words, but music. Her music has anointed this world for some time, guiding us on an epic, sonic journey into the depths of spiritual feeling and discovery. Spirit Trance continues this journey, and words alone are inadequate to describe thedepth, scope and emotion of this latest, magnificent work. Mysterious, alluring and compassionately welcoming, the music heals the soul as worries drain away, replaced with gentle healing and a sense of universal wonder.
    After hearing it, personal growth is a certainty. In this day and age of unease and world turmoil, her music is a remedy for souls that need soothing, wonder and hope.

    2004. Chaiworks

  4. Dene Bebbington

    Spirit Trance is the latest album from one of the few well-known female artists working in the electronic music genre. This is not a straight studio album however, it actually features five tracks from film scores, a version of Schubert’s Ave Maria”

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