Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground 2


Released: 2015 By Cosmic Ground

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  1. SOL [19:23]
  2. NGE224 [18:40]
  3. Organia [19:43]
  4. Altair [20:09]

Berlin School in the style of Rubycon and Phaedra. Highly recommended!!

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1 review for Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground 2

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    It’s always a little bit difficult to survive a first album which put you on the map, especially in a musical crenel where the traps of the pale imitations and, especially, those of the redundancy hide in every 60 seconds. Although always strongly inspired and filled of the influences of the vintage years of the M of style Berlin School, Dirk Jan Mller plays the game very well with the suite to his eponym album appeared one year earlier. Yes, there is always this the classic sound. Yes, there are always these mystic and chthonian atmospheres. Yes, there are always these layers of Mellotron and of the Hammond organ. And yes, there are always these festivals of rhythms which break out in loops. And the big difference between the first sonic essay of Cosmic Ground and this one is exactly situated at the level of these rhythms. Set apart for the slow ambient procession of Altair”

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