Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground 3


Released: 2016 By F.D. Project

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  1. Ground Control [16:05]
  2. Crumbling Darkness [16:41]
  3. Keep Us In Space [18:46]
  4. Monochrome Ritual [19:26]

Berlin School in the style of Rubycon and Phaedra. Highly recommended!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    If EM of the vintage Berlin School style molded in the warmth of the analog is exercising on you an inexplicable attraction, the music of Cosmic Ground is a must! What! You still don’t know Cosmic Ground? Unforgivable! And here is why… But before, attach your ears because they are going to run away!

    After the dissipation of a veil of chthonian voices, a line of bass sequences makes beat 2 measures which throne on a filet of more discreet sequences and of which the movement becomes that of a train which wants to roll at a brisk pace through the clouds of dark voices which he meets. What strikes immediately the sense of hearing is the sound of the sequences. Even at a brisk pace and in their clothes of one-legged monks, they wind with a so different, a so warm tone, as their jingles get entangle like a thin line of rubber balls which jump up as a starving play of percussions. Fiery, the first 6 minutes of Ground Control” offer a simply i nfernal structure of rhythm which leaves no chance to a few steps of dance to follow the fury of hundreds of sequences which jump

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