Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground 5


Released: 2019 By Cosmic Ground

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  1. sludge – [1:46]
  2. girls from outer space [12:17]
  3. misery – [4:25]
  4. azimuth/drowning – [11:28]
  5. compactspace – [9:43]
  6. delusion – [7:28]
  7. operation:echo [18:12]
  8. .burn in hell – [9:59]

Berlin School in the style of Rubycon and Phaedra. Highly recommended!! Best in his kind!!

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1 review for Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground 5

  1. Bert Strolenberg /

    Heres a fine 75-minute dish of darker flavoured vintage electronics staying close to the realm of TDs Phaedra and Rubycon. Synthesist Dirk Jan Mller once again applied his fine range of beloved analogue synths to create the moody, quite hallucinogenic outcome, weaving intense soundscape parts with sequenced sections into a cohesive journey-kindred whole. Cosmic Grounds music is all about creating atmospheres and travel into imminent spaces, melody plays a minor role. The dense yet mysterious pulsating Compact Space is one of the peak moments on this 8-track and most tasteful recording, followed by the rather melancholic-infused spacescape Delusion and minimalist, Rubycon-ish Operation: Echo. Darkness moves in further on the finale Burn in Hell.

    Ranking close to CGs great debut, Cosmic Ground 5 makes another well-accomplished Berlin School exercise for analogue gear heads and ditto aficionados.

    Ranking: 4 s tars out of 5

    2020. Bert Strolenberg /

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