Cosmic Hoffmann – Hypernova


Released: 2009 By AD Music

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  1. Longing for the Space [13:01]MP3 soundclip of Longing for the Space [3:00]
  2. Requiem for a dying Star [6:04]
  3. Cosmic Garden [4:53]
  4. Alienapolis [7:35]
  5. Hypnotic [5:05]MP3 soundclip of Hypnotic [1:06]
  6. Floating in Time [5:31]MP3 soundclip of Floating in time [1:06]
  7. Spiral Nebula [6:45]
  8. Star Riders [4:50]
  9. Mercury [7:36]

Hypnotic sequences, unusual Mellotron sounds, spacey pads

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3 reviews for Cosmic Hoffmann – Hypernova

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts of Darkness

    Here is the 3rd shutter of an archive collection from the Mind over Matter mentor. Constituted by nine tracks, HYPERNOVA is a musical journey divided between cosmic ambient and slow rhythms to hypnotic tendency.

    Sequenced pulsations, accompanied with a whistling synth, open the cosmic LOOKING FOR SPACE. A fine rhythm on a synth to soloists arpeggios waves in the misty spheres of a musical galaxy with a hypnotic effect. A little as an eternal lascivious dance which feeds the insomnia, LOOKING FOR SPACE flows with a sweetness pace on a synth stuffed with magnificent solos, encircled by a dense and sinuous Mellotron which feeds the cosmos of analog sound effects.
    REQUIEM FOR A DYING STAR is a slow agony where the Mellotron floods the stars with slow captivating stratums.
    A slow, almost atonal cosmic title as the heavy ALIENAPOLIS dips us into the heavy atmospheres of a galactic suspense.
    COSMIC GARDEN is slightly more rhythmic. A smooth rhythm with light guitar riffs spins in loops, dropping some good solos.
    HYPNOTIC is animated by tabla percussions which organize a tribal dance pace very hypnotically. Its Mellotron is delicious and charms with fluty spirit.
    FLOATING IN TIME hems on felted percussions and a heavy Mellotron line which forge a strange rhythm without percussions or rhythmic sequencers. An immense sound prism where the synth escapes brief solos in acuities tones which derive in a cosmos drawn by a Mellotron to captivating waves, a beautiful title which reflects the psychedelic electronic years.
    Quite as SPIRAL NEBULA and its guitar/synth fusion on cosmic tribal percussions as well as its heavy Mellotronned coat which prowls in a cosmos to shooting stars.
    STAR RIDERS is the most boiling title on HYPERNOVA: a circular heavy rhythm which swirls as a gyrating gallop, encircled by a Mellotron to spectral waves which could be also the wings of a nameless rider. The tempo rises and comes down restlessly in a sound spiral to multiple synthesized serpentines which roar such of witches on a Mellotron to imperturbable waves. Space cosmic rock which gallops with ardor in a sound sphere peppered with brightly colored tones, an excellent title.
    MERCURY ends this collection of COSMIC HOFFMANN in a twinkling sea of prism which guides us towards a slightly symphonic synth to austere chords. The cloudiness is becoming enamored with a sentimental intro, to plunge us into a musical constancy which swirls such a sound cyclone. A funeral march follows which concludes this album in a floating, heavenly and eternal atmosphere.

    Once again, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock makes us the blow of the seduction in a sound universe where some would fail. This collection of archives demonstrates the influence that this too much underestimated artist had on EM, both sequenced and spiritual (quite as this collection moreover), as well as the progressive music.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts of Darkness

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2009 offers 61 minutes of spacey electronic music.
    Hoffmann plays mellotron, various tape frames, mini Moog, ARP Odyssey, Roland M 100 modular system, drum machine, Italian organ, Korg PS 3100, and Gibson guitar. Joining him on this release are: Horst Theis (on ARP on two tracks), and Jochen Schfer (on guitar on one track).

    Ethereal electronics produce tuneage of a celestial character.Lavish texturals establish an astral foundation for a variety of electronics, creating surging waves of cyclic pulsations embellished by more strident keyboards. Shrill pitches are sometimes employed in conjunction with airy tones to generate an engaging sonic balance.
    The majority of tracks on this album express contemplative moods of shimmering definition, exploring pleasant regions of space.Guitar contributes an auxiliary astral presence, usually confined to softer expressions of subdued luster. In some instances, the instrument provides languid strumming that creates a visionary scope. Other times, a smoldering wonder is accomplished.E-perc is used in a few tracks, providing bouncy rhythms to enliven the interstellar voyages.
    Harmonic flows unfurl with twinkling beauty, building in density until they achieve a euphoric intensity while maintaining a vaporous delicacy.

    These compositions convey the listener to far-flung vistas of outer space, plunging through the roiling clouds of grand nebulas, visiting alien worlds of mesmerizing attributes. Dreamy pastiches are achieved as the cosmic void is filled with pensive atmospheric media. Entrancing life is bestowed to quantum phenomena with expansive melodies of captivating demeanor.

    2009. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  3. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Here it is, volume three in the series of archival Space Gems” recordings released over the past couple of years by Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock

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