Cosmic Hoffmann – Outerspace gems


Released: 2008 By Manikin Records

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  1. Up to the Stars [10:29]MP3 soundclip of Up to the stars [3:00]
  2. Megasun [4:29]
  3. Cosmic ChaCha [5:07]
  4. Galaxy Rising [6:04]
  5. Spacewards [12:39]
  6. Magellanic Cloud [6:10]
  7. Attic Music [5:48]
  8. Cassini Division [5:04]
  9. Black Hole Magic [4:46]

Vintage Music from the seventies and eighties. Taken from the 197-85 archives

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3 reviews for Cosmic Hoffmann – Outerspace gems

  1. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

    This is the second release of vintage rarity recordings (1978-1985) from Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, aka Cosmic Hoffmann, now put out as a pressed CD on the established Berlin-based Manikin label.

    Retro fans will find lots of their liking here, already set in good mood with the energizing, vintage sequencing and cosmic textures of the 10-minutes opening track Up to the Stars”.
    The mesmerizing

  2. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    Outerspace Gems (60’48) travels a path formed of ancient echoes.

    Cosmic Hoffmann presents nine rough-hewn late-night jam sessions channeling the ethos of “Phaedra” and the cerebral energy of “Cyborg”. Hoffmann embraces the early-day attitudes of the Kosmische Musik movement and transcends them. Elevating the most familiar themes to another sphere

  3. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    After Space Gems, released last year, Cosmic Hoffmann (Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock) gets back again with another collection of unknown tracks: Outerspace Gems. A second release of unedited music composed between the analog years of 1978 to 1985, produced this time on the well known Manikin label.

    And as on Space Gems, this last Cosmic Hoffmann collection of rarities opens with a very boiling title. The meeting place of a cosmos effervescence Up to the Stars rolls nervously on heavy sequencers which spiral on cascading loops in an overflowing of synths to galactic waves. A heavy track intersected with short intercalates of cosmic semi-atonic music with strident synthesized streaks.
    Megasun appeases the tempo with an ambient movement swept of heavy Mellotron winds, an atonal passage where a synth bores a malevolent fog with fine oscillations which circle with an almost harmonious wandering.
    Moreover all the concept of Outerspace Gems seems to be molded to a dark cosmos, spangled of fine melodious bits, thanks to a very poetic Mellotron which will recall the beautiful days of Tangerine Dream with Phaedra.
    Titles such as Galaxy Rising, Spacewards, Magellanic Cloud and Cassini Division will enchant space music lovers surrounded by cosmic fluids.
    Galaxy Rising and Spacewards are pure delights of ambient and gliding music.
    Cosmic ChaCha bears its name well, a cosmic dance on hopping minimalism sequencer, accompanied by a synth with languorous charms, in a galactic atmosphere. A title as special as astonishing which adds a little life to this dark album, which fits perfectly the distant galaxies.
    Black Hole Magic offers a more lively approach with an acoustic guitar on a floating synth with great cosmic fragrances.

    Outerspace Gems is a mainly gliding album with beautiful melodious insertions. A quiet album, except for Up to the Stars, which brings us closer to the moon, of ourselves with a bit of a dark nostalgia of the 70s.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

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