Craig Padilla – Genesis


Released: 2004 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. GenesisMP3 soundclip of Genesis [2:51]
  2. Moon Tides
  3. Ascension
  4. Message From Within

Follow-up to Vostok

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2 reviews for Craig Padilla – Genesis

  1. BPC / USA

    With its heavy debt to German Krautrock, Brian Eno, and early analog electronica (think Cluster and Tangerine Dream), Craig Padilla‘s GENESIS offers extended synthesizer meditations in the vintage mode.
    The album’s four compositions are quite lengthy (two clock in at over 20 minutes), and even though there is no percussion on the recording, the floating patches of synth-generated color seem centered on subliminal pulses.
    The stately Ascension”

  2. Edgar Kogler

    Craig Padilla accomplishes a daring futuristic jump in this album. Moving away from the most typical outlines of Ambient and Space Sequencer Music, he merges rhythm and melody in the suite after which the CD is named, as well as in other passages of the album, in such a way that he succeeds in making it difficult for us to decide where one ends and the other begins.
    The result is impressive, and not only due to the complexity in timbre, but also because of the grandeur of orchestrations and arrangements.

    2004. Edgar Kogler

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