Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms – When the Earth is far Away


Released: 2012 By Lotuspike llc

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  1. When The Earth Is Far Away
  2. Timelessness
  3. Strange Storms
  4. Blue Distance
  5. Dream Travel
  6. Terraforming

Wonderful soft ambient soundscapes that unfold through wonderful sounds that will fill the room that you are listening.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Imagine a place where one could commune with ourself in total harmony with the tranquility of vast harmonious spaces. A unique place where as soon as we put the ears, a torrent of serenity is toppling over our worries and calms our fears. A concert for Aeolus and his henchmen, When the Earth is Far Away travels on the wings of the contemplativity with celestial eddies which perturb the fluids of our shady feelings. This 2nd collaboration Padilla/Zero Ohms (the 1st one being Path of Least Resistance in 2005) is of a dreamlike sweetness to cut any links with what surrounds us. It’s a wonderful ode to tranquillity where the ambiences tetanised by an angelic sweetness are transporting the listener in spaces still virgin. There where the sea kisses the sky and where the space watches over our fate.

    Breezes coming from distant horizons are blowing on the soft reflections of a water charmed by so much sweetness of trade winds. The magic of Zero Ohms (Richard Robert) operates from the opening of the title-track. The child of Aeolus distributes the gifts of his spiritual father with a range of winds’ instruments which blow from all directions, caressing the delicate and discreet lines of Craig Padilla morphic synth. The ambience is of ether. A soft sleep-inducing and contemplative sensation transports us up to the doors of abandonment with those angelic breezes which embrace the cosmic phases in order to lead us towards the edge of Timelessness”. This long title may be of a surprising passivity that we are seduced by its iridescent breezes which sometimes borrow intonations of voices or breaths of lost souls

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