Create – Lost on an island of adventure

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Released: 2008 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Just Above the Surface [17:28]MP3 soundclip of Just above the surface [3:00]
  2. Out of Bounds [9:45]
  3. Follow the Shoreline [11:28]MP3 soundclip of Follow the shoreline [3:00]
  4. Run for Cover [5:52]
  5. This Island Life [8:47]MP3 soundclip of This island life [3:00]
  6. Paradise [12:28]

    Bonus track:

  7. Heaven Waits (for Grandad) [4:52]

Based on the tv series

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4 reviews for Create – Lost on an island of adventure

  1. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

    Depuis son apparition sur la scne e-musicale, je ne peux pas dire que la qualit soit une caractristique majeure des albums de Stephen Humphries, le synthtiste qui se cache derrire CREATE. En fait, celui qui veut dcouvrir ce musicien peut se contenter de ses albums impairs. Et malheureusement, celui-ci est le 4me.

    Pourtant, Just Above the Surface augurait dun album aussi russi que son prdcesseur avec son intro cosmique sur laquelle embrayait une squence magnifique. Mais pour une raison connue seulement du musicien (et du Divin aussi bine entendu), le morceau connut un grand coup de frein et y perdit sa dynamique. Tout comme le reste de lalbum, malheureusement, o les morceaux se succdent sans beaucoup dinspiration.

    Par comparaison, rcoutez lalbum prcdent o tous les morceaux sont btis autour dun concept central (le continuum espace-temps) qui leur cohrence et leur force.Vous laurez compris. Attendez le suivant!

    2010. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2008 offers 71 minutes of pleasant electronic tuneage.

    Languid electronics layered on expansive textural foundations generate a dreamy sonic excursion seasoned with a sense of hidden wonder.Lavish atmospherics establish an airy mood that is then tempered by blooping pulsations and additional harmonics which guide the tuneage ever upward. This ascension seems to continue without ever reaching stratospheric heights, always remaining with the ground and human concerns in plain view. Gradually, keyboard loops enter the mix, seeping in softly until the riffs have fused with the harmonic flow and bolstered the gentle ambience with hints of more substance.
    The keyboards are soft and underplayed, contributing through filtration instead of any dominance. They commingle with the celestial tonalities, mimicking the vaporous disposition but rarely rising to prominence. This overall pacific demeanor makes the music very soothing with a touch of anticipatory promise.This is not to infer that the tuneage lacks any sense of power. The songs possess a subtle undercurrent of vitality that is meticulously kept in check. As the CD progresses, though, the keyboards exert more definition in the tunes, conjuring an elevated majesty.
    While percussion is generally absent from this music, a certain rhythmic presence is present in some tracks, usually accomplished by the application of cycled non-impact sounds which approximate tempos as they slither along with the harmonic environs.
    These compositions are pleasant and expertly crafted, evoking a dreamy temperament with their aerial passages. Apparently, these tunes were inspired by the TV show Lost; which explains their deceptive progression toward unrevealed revelations.

    That aside, the music achieves an engaging melodic character of lush ambience with hints of restrained puissance.

    2008. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  3. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Welcome to the sonorous complex universe of Create. As years go by this fervent fan of Air Sculpure, and Tangerine Dream, forged a unique style with its reedy synth to strident laments in a nebulous sound environment where rhythm difficulty cuts his place in the immense intergalactic maelstroms of Stephen Humphries works. Inspired from the series Lost, Lost On An Island Of Adventure does not get away from Create musical structures.

    As soon as we hear the first keys of Just Above The Surface we are plunged in a cosmic blackness which brings us back in the 70s area; electronic twitters which fray in a dense Mellotron space, accompanied by a synth with dubious keys, creating an embryonic melody. An intro in the pure Create tradition which becomes animated quietly on a gallops sequence which crescendoed on layers as melodious as hypnotic. The rhythm became heavy and hammering, Just Above The Surface effectively depicts the universe of contrast which we find on Lost One Year Island Of Adventure. A heavy and very dark title fills up will spectral Mellotron. The pace is very fragmentary and is mislaid in a tinted ambient universe of a desolation that Create transposes with accuracy.
    Out off Bonds offers a cosmic forest intro. Cries of birds and animals on deviating Mellotron layers, a little bit as if our mind was escaping us. A deafening sequence releases a rhythmic paranoiac which undulates on a synth with the breaths of a harmony quite as worrying.
    This hybrid atmosphere where the Milky Ways meet some Amazonian elements continues on Follow the Shoreline. An intriguing title which starts on deflecting layers and some acute tinkling which inspire a beautiful dreamlike flute. Follow the Shoreline is a cosmic kind of procession which progresses on an almost hypnotic bass sequence. A galactic cha-cha stuffed of splendid whistling solos which twist around a pretty counting rhyme with tinkling minimalism keys in a stiff Mellotron field.
    A beautiful track which plunges us in the atmospheric portion of Lost On An Island Of Adventure with Run for Cover.
    This Island Life spreads heavy Mellotron veils which reverberate under a fragile flute. A poetic contrast from which a sequence escapes on a delicate metallic gallop which animates a dubious rhythmic, even incongruous in this misty opacity.
    Paradise is a good track on Create 6th opus. Reverberating layers, animated of threatening cymbals, in an atmosphere which seems about to burst constantly. Around the 4th minute, a beautiful sequence floods our ears, accompanied by Create caustic synths. A loud and hypnotic moment, worthy of Redshift, Volt and TDs Franke years repertory, that dies out quietly in the rich atmospheric pads of Create.
    Heaven Waits (for Grandad) close this last work of Stephen Humhpries with a sober and very atmospheric approach. Still there, mellotrons are intense and superb. They endorse a sadness which floats around in a heavy cosmic movement that silky tinkling revive of a found happiness.

    Do not like Create which wants. Stephen Humhpries developed the art of complexity with dark albums of a sound density with very tight links. Lost On An Island Of Adventure makes part of works which are slowly tasted in order to seize all its dimension. A beautiful album, its Create‘s best to date.

    2008. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  4. Stephan Schelle

    Der britische Elektronikmusiker Stephen Humphries, der sich hinter dem Pseudonym Create verbirgt, hat sich auf seinem neuen, sechsten Album Lost On An Island Of Adventure von der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Lost inspirieren lassen. Durch eine Krankheit vier Monate ans Haus gebunden

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