Crown Invisible – Crown invisible


Released: 1999 By Cursor Club
Condition: 2nd hand

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  1. V4 [8:20]
  2. V3 [6:20]
  3. V8 [7:00]

Warm, overwhelming sounds. This is #880/1000 Made into a Jewelcase verion with original Artwork

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Weight 50 g

CD Single


Jewel Case

1 review for Crown Invisible – Crown invisible

  1. ert Strolenberg

    Here we have something very special for all those listeners who are always on the look-out for new diamonds in nowadays electronic music, which is this time presented to you by the small Hollywood-label Cursor Club run by a very nice person named Garrett Parks.

    Crown Invisible is a CD-single containing 3 tracks (strangely called V4, V3 and V8), total running time appr. 21 minutes. The music of CI is really incredible, and when you take a closer listen too it is seems both so easy & keenly composed. CI’s music has a lot of impact: it seems to evaporate in a warm sense, the choice is synthsounds is absolutely great & the the whole things sounds broad: some overwhelming sounds roll out of your speakers as the listener sinks backwards in a relaxing-chair. There’s also a filmic flavor to all this, as the music slowly develops in a unique way.

    1999 Bert Strolenberg

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