Cusco – Apurimac III


Released: 1997 By Prudence

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1 Ghost Dance 5:36
2 Kokopelli’s Dream 6:02
3 Geronimo’s Laughter 4:15
4 Medicine Man 3:57
5 Little Pigeon And Crazy Horse 5:19
6 Pahrump – Big Water 3:10
7 Dream Catcher 5:05
8 Legend In The Redwoods 5:00
9 The Hunt 4:42
10 White Buffalo 5:19

An electrifying vision of spiritual mystery, sacred legends and proud heros, Cusco’s mesmerizing flutes and tribal rhythms weave a powerful, contemporary tribute to Native American culture as their renowned Apurimac journey continues to North America. The first two in the series, Apurimac and Apurimac II, have sold over 1 million copies worldwide and remain on the best seller list.
Here the Higher Octave Music Version!


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