Daniel Bloom – Event horizon


Released: 2010 By Victor J. Rek

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  1. Horus [4:54]
  2. Event Horizon [12:02]
  3. Megalit [4:02]
  4. Glacial Lake [4:33]
  5. Mount Meru [9:05]
  6. Into The Galactic Nucleus [10:38]
  7. Duat [6:53]

Warm sounds and well-tempered sequencing

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2 reviews for Daniel Bloom – Event horizon

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    For fans of Berlin School EM, ambient or sequenced, Ricochet Dream became one of the top in EM. Over the years Vic Rek produced very good opuses of EM, while organizing mega thematic concerts in 4 corners of the planet to celebrate or underline an event connected to Tangerine Dream; the cultural heart of Ricochet Dream. Since its existence, this New Jersey label made back to life the music of TDs ex-members and made us discover splendid artists whom were either forgotten or in embryonic state, I think in particular of Spyra, Picture Palace Music, Polaris and the last one; Daniel Bloom.
    Native of Poland, Daniel Bloom stood out as the leader of the Poland School movement with the use of analog equipment and musical structures which get closer to Tangerine Dream roots. Event Horizon is his last album and his first one for more than 5 years. A first album on Ricochet Dream, which includes music released and recorded in his Two Minutes Elsie Studio”

  2. Mike Ostrich

    Finding new music that begs to be listened to (and, more importantly, enjoyed) in these times can be a rough task. When you’ve found one, however, the reward is very rewarding. Daniel Bloom is a Polish-based keyboardist and has just released a brand new album (his first CD in 5 years). It’s an album that you simply can’t put down.

    The fact that Daniel uses tons of analog synthesizers (Roland TR-505, Roland JP-8000 and Korg Poly-Six, for example) shows off his true intention, which is to take the Berlin School to completely new heights. Sadly, not much else is known about Daniel. Perhaps that’s intentional – to let the music do the talking. This is his debut album to be released outside of Poland, but, according to the liner notes, the material was recorded back in 2002 and 2003.

    Why it’s taken this long for this material to be released, only he knows, but the star that is Daniel Bloom has begun to rise – take notice, electronic music fans.

    2010. Mike Ostrich

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