Darshan Ambient – Autumn’s apple


Released: 2004 By Lotuspike llc

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  1. Azure DayMP3 soundclip of Azure day [1:20]
  2. Deep Garden
  3. Pastorale
  4. Acre of SunMP3 soundclip of Acre of sun [0:30]
  5. Sea Stars for Tristen
  6. Rain ParadeMP3 soundclip of Rain parade [0:30]
  7. Pebble in my Shoe
  8. Autumn’s Apple
  9. Man in the Window

Rhythmic ambience

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1 review for Darshan Ambient – Autumn’s apple

  1. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2004 offers 61 minutes of rhythmic ambience.

    Elegant keyboards and atmospheric electronics blend to conjure pastoral melodies that evoke seasonal aspects with relaxed ease. Airy textures swarm overhead like glimmering clouds, roiling and parting to allow beams of tender harmonics to penetrate and bathe the audience in congenial radiance. This environmental milieu is embellished by thoughtful keyboard melodies that often adopt the rich resonance of classic piano. Sighing tonalities dip and weave as the keyboards unfurl chords that are comfortable and supple.
    These delicate electronics waft in an idyllic breeze accompanied by percussives. Although generally sedate, the rhythms possess a stately pep. Such tempos bestow a distinction to the music, elevating these tunes beyond the conventional ambient fair into a region of contemporary instrumental compositions. These beats are accomplished by electronic and traditional means.
    The amiable style of this music is tastefully felicitated by Allisons mellow compositions. The tunes convey an informality that draws in the listener and surrounds them with meadows drenched in afternoon sunlight. Each subtle riff approximates seductive zephyrs that gently stir orange-red leaves into a graceful dance in celebration of the gradual turning of summer into autumn.

    2004. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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