Darshan Ambient – Fire Light


Released: 2005 By Lotuspike llc

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1.Sunrise on the Mississippi – 04:09
2.Water Lilies and Summer Ghosts – 02:19
3.So Close – 03:27
4.Cherry Blossoms for Papa – 03:57
5.Fire Light – 08:36
6.At Last… Freedom – 05:00
7.The Gather of Waters – 06:58
8.Across the River – 03:55
9.Dusk – 04:04
10.Slow Walk to Memphis – 05:05
11.Sweet Water – 05:36

In 2015, Michael Allison (of Darshan Ambient) created the original soundtrack for the Civil War era documentary REMEMBER THE SULTANA, which chronicles the ill-fated voyage of the steamboat Sultana that resulted in the largest maritime disaster in American History.

Inspired by the film’s subject matter, Michael recorded a poignant and beautiful score for the documentary and released it as a soundtrack album in late 2015. However, after the score was complete, the music continued to flow, and Michael had much more material than could be used in the film. So when the time came to begin work on the next Darshan Ambient album, Michael decided to make it a companion work; a collection of music that had been created during the Sultana sessions, along with additional tracks that continued to spring forward from the energy of the film project even after it had been completed.

The Sultana’s somber story of a forgotten tragedy sets the stage for minimalist orchestrations and touching melodic piano moments that linger within the more introspective and mysterious realms of the classic Darshan Ambient sound. This electronic symphonic ambient textural work, emotively conveys Allison’s deeper appreciation of being thoroughly immersed into such a thought provoking experience, where the glow of history’s flame ignites present-day emotion.

FIRE LIGHT: Music from the Sultana sessions is Darshan Ambient’s 9th studio album, and comes just six months after the release of REMEMBER THE SULTANA: Original soundtrack from the film.

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