DASK – Electron Hell


Released: 2021 By Syngate Records

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  1. RBMK 1500 07:55
    2. Particle in a Box 07:44
    3. Fission 1986 09:36
    4. The Bridge 06:54
    5. Ghost City 03:42
    6. RBMK 1000 12:50
    7. Legasov 03:52
    8. Legasov (Stratus Version) 03:04

ASK closes a circle to his first album, “Electron Utopia” with the follow-up album “Electron Hell”. When radiocativity changes everything. Forever. Chernobyl stands as an eternal relict for this. And DASK gives it a musical shape. And yes, one part of it as well is the beauty. The beauty of radiation when shown on a screen. Or the beauty of decay – when all human influence gets changed by the big power of nature. And last, but not least, the beauty of this album in its musical development, expressing many emotions of tragic, emotions of desire, of dreaming and affection.

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