Dave Bessell – Chromatic Lightning Cage


Released by DIN – Release date Febuari 2024

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01 After Hours 05:43
02 Forest Under The Sea 03:41
03 Darkening Air 07:17
04 Dream Of The Red Chamber 07:10
05 Ariel 05:01
06 Unheimlich 08:36
07 Nightshade 08:55
08 Moths 09:34
09 Elegy 06:31

Total Time : 62:46

This new release from synthesist Dave Bessell sees him completing a quartet of albums loosely based on the Greek philosophy of the Four Elements, namely Fire, Water, Earth and Air. There’s certainly no doubting that “Chromatic Lightning Cage” with its vivid cover is referencing Fire but this personal odyssey started with the concept of Water on his inaugural solo album, “Analogue” released in 2010. This was followed by “Black Horses Of The Sun” (DiN47) – Air, and “Reality Engine” (DiN62) – Earth.

Bessell has also released three collaborations with Parallel Worlds on the DiN imprint as well as being part of the synth supergroup Node. It is interesting that whilst the Berlin School inspired sequencer riffs of the latter dominate the soundstage Bessell largely eschews this approach on his own albums. Rather on this and his other DiN solo releases he explores interesting harmonic progressions with a series of interlocking delicate arpeggios. This is most evident on the opening track “After Hours” as well as the beautiful closing piece “Elegy”. Elsewhere Bessell blurs the line between guitar and synth using his stringed instruments as controllers for his modular systems. His music has always had an element of the soundtrack to it and this is certainly highlighted in the track “Ariel” which has a mystical, unearthly quality to its soundscapes. Bessell has noted that the ghosts of Amon Tobin and Nils Frahm wander through this album at times which is certainly an intriguing thought.

Always one to push the boundaries Bessell has included a QR code in the Bandcamp download version of the album that opens up an augmented reality vista from the cover image. Lovers of Electronica, Downtempo, Ambient and Soundtracks will find much to admire in “Chromatic Lightning Cage” and this new album once again showcases the unique talent of this highly individual musician.

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