David Helpling – Sleeping on the edge of the world


Released: 1999 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. Rain Falls [4:20]
  2. Sleeping On The Edge Of The World [4:09]
  3. Deepest Days [5:27]
  4. Divine Whisper [5:40]
  5. Sticks And Stones [5:32]
  6. Moon Dreaming Thunder [4:43]
  7. Soul Of A Child [5:50]MP3 soundclip of Soul of a child [5:50]
  8. All Things End [6:12]
  9. Deeper Still [6:00]MP3 soundclip of Deeper still [6:00]
  10. Shadows Of Far Night [5:45]
  11. Promise [5:09]

Style: Patrick O’Hearn-Trust

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2 reviews for David Helpling – Sleeping on the edge of the world

  1. Phil Derby

    Very reminiscent of Patrick O’Hearn‘s Trust CD, and favorably so, this is melodic ambient with rich textures. Perfect drifting space music with beautiful piano echoing in the background. Booming percussion from time to time adds to the feeling of expansiveness. The musical mood fits the title of the disc most aptly.

    Deepest Days

  2. Bill Binkelman / Wind & Wire

    I can see (or should I say hear”) why everyone is so excited by the latest release from Spotted Peccary artist David Helpling

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