David Wright & Carys – Prophecy


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  1. Watching for Nephele
  2. Serinus Rising
  3. Night Tide
  4. Diving Skywards
  5. Ocean to Stars Pt. 1
  6. Ocean to Stars Pt. 2
  7. Ocean to Stars Pt. 3
  8. Absolute Zero
  9. Whales weep not
  10. Absolute Zero Reprise
  11. Cosmic Dancer
  12. Quarter to yesterday
  13. Song of Orcinius
  14. Beyond the Veil
  15. Where the Whales still sing

A wonderful new release by David Wright and the lovely Carys. Wonderfull melodic music with Vocals without lyrics. A Musical treat!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / Canada

    Muffled sonic waves put our senses in appetite. Without knowing really if we float between the drifts of the cosmos or the depths of the oceans, the tranquility of Watching for Nephele” shines with azure lines which are illuminated by sibylline harmonies and by panting breaths from a flute of which the origin remains to determine. With felted knockings and even more accentuated misty mood

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