David Wright – Connected


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  1. Elemente der Psychophysik
  2. Constant Perceptions
  3. Stimulous….Response
  4. Sensory Perception
  5. The Science Of Consciousness
  6. The Threshold Of Perception
  7. Sensory Overload
  8. Into The Void
  9. Confusing Ambiguity
  10. Picture Thinkers
  11. Signal Transduction
  12. Connected
  13. Social Contagion
  14. Invisible Webs

A wonderful new release by David Wright.

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1 review for David Wright – Connected

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    I never grow tired of hearing the music of David Wright. Of album in album and of style in style, he imposes his very musical works with a stunning harmonious cohesion. For some, his music goes away from the Berlin School or England School territories with a more coherent structure which looks for more the harmonies than the confusion. It can have a debate to be made; but who says that beauty can have only one visage? Connected travels melodiously in the furrows of the brilliant In Search of Silence. David Wright builds the canvas of a wordless story where the auditor is called to furnish his fantasies with the precision of a music of which the slow crescendo is as much harmonious as emotional.

    The first act of Connected extends from Elemente der Psychophysik” to “Picture Thinkers” with a rhythmic approach mainly driven by “Constant Perceptions” and its alikes which stumble between a soft techno and a suave down-tempo. The musicality emerges of a distant blade of synth which lays a musical aura to subtle philharmonic veils. The intro undulates of its synth layers which float and glide in an empty sky filled by prismic cosmic tones of which the tranquility is briefly perturbed by an isolated kick. Our ears let themselves to be caressed by the breaths shouted from a solitary ocarina. These breaths awaken an enchanting world

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