David Wright – Dreams and distant moonlight


Released: 2008 By AD Music

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  1. Procession Under Moonlight [1:47]
  2. Dreams [2:53]
  3. Velvetude [3:07]
  4. Just an Illusion – Part 1 [6:49]
  5. Just an Illusion – Part 2 [4:45]
  6. State of Peace [1:14]
  7. Cry to the Moon – Part 1 [4:31]
  8. State of Confusion [4:27]
  9. Cry to the Moon – Part 2 [3:37]
  10. Heatwave in Blue [8:02]
  11. Amorphous [7:58]MP3 soundclip of Amorphous [3:00]
  12. State of Bliss – Part 1 [4:53]
  13. State of Bliss – Part 2 [6:43]
  14. Sun Dust [7:28]
  15. The Canyon [8:44]

Rhythmic, dreamy and haunting

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2 reviews for David Wright – Dreams and distant moonlight

  1. Keith Brewins / England

    David is a maestro, this is an album full of innovative emotion. From track 1 he takes you on an uplifting celestial journey.

    2009. Keith Brewins / England

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This CD from 2008 offers 77 minutes of imperial electronic music.
    Joining UK synthesist Wright are: Andy Lobban (on lead guitar), Nigel Turner-Heffer (on bass). Additional guitars are supplied by Spectrasonics Bizzare Guitars. Vocal samples are sourced from Spectrasonics Vocal Planet and Hearts of Asia.

    Delicate atmospheric textures are augmented by refined keyboards, fervid guitar licks and snappy e-perc, producing tuneage that combines dreamy aspects with gregarious animation.
    A stately piano melody prepares the listener for this somnambulant voyage, which commences with bubbling electronics and gently pittering e-perc. The introduction of pacific guitar helps get things moving, and the rhythms step up to match this livelier motif. The electronics muster complexity as they enter this sprightly stage, excellently supporting the guitar pyrotechnics and the thoroughly engaging rhythms.
    Gradually, the instruments switch roles, and the guitar and e-perc support the electronics. Nimble fingers coax keyboards to generate alluring riffs, while auxiliary electronics lend sparkling embellishment. A sense of ascension is accomplished as the melodies flourish and expand in scope and passion. Instances of regal piano serve to ground the soaring music.
    The e-perc itself achieves a notable status through the bewitching character which Wright applies to the beats. The sounds display a remarkably mechanical timbre, strangely emotional despite their artificiality, contributing to the overall drama with their serpentine tempos.

    These dependably catchy compositions flow together to create an epic presentation that achieves a highly dramatic posture with pensive spots along the way and uplifting passages that exhibit delightful vivacity.

    2009. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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