Dead beat project – Samsara


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  1. Warrior of Light [4:45]
  2. Slough [3:51]
  3. Original Secrecy [4:08]
  4. At the 13th Moon [4:26]
  5. In Memory [2:34]
  6. Ritual [8:11]
  7. Mirror of the Wave [6:18]
  8. Enter the Circle [6:49]
  9. In the Silence of the Earth [7:19]
  10. Samsara [6:18]
  11. Fire Drums [3:56]
  12. The Harmony of Silence [6:52]
  13. The Celebration of Behl [4:50]

Samsara is full of rich, dynamic layers that move between percussion and sequencers, underpinned at various turns by achingly haunting and beautifulgentle atmospherics and a sense of hypnotic motion.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Samsara begins with a mortuary approach. A little as in the old Sergio Leone westerns, bells ring on the West. Pushed by winds, their ringings get mix in the breaths of saddened voices which hum in hollow breezes. The percussions of sands wake up. Rubbing the balls of their maracas, they pepper a dramatic approach which rises in a poignant filmic crescendo where the layers of violins cry in the drum rolls of the ground armies. Warrior of the Light” sets the tone in a superb album with very theatrical ramifications from Dead Beat Project. Who did not dream to dance in clouds? To be taken by the breeze of winds into ambient rhythms. Seeing the splendid artwork of Samsara

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